A favorite poem

In a green forest by Marcia Nehemiah

green fist of leaves
flesh hidden in a black shell

what holds itself like a fist
what holds itself like a green heart

acorns crack and sprout shoots
to catch the light earth water

what holds itself like a red heart
a dense close pulsing rock

fern opens to warmth and light
what holds itself like a black heart

my black heart closed after the cold
after the promise of opening

what holds the promise of opening
in a black forest in a red forest

I watch a jay jump to catch a mayfly
I watch an eagle swoop to scoop a fish and eat
I watch a hawk on a wire swallow a finch

what opens
what closes
what needs to be said


I have one foot in

I have one foot in and one foot out
a curtain between me
I cannot be all
in this world

I am blissful and despaired,
kind and mean
I’ll stay if you keep
distant and unavailable

I long for the mirage
of union with this world
a presence, a place, an intimacy

From behind glass panels
I look and I stay
where there are no
storms or conflict

a place that doesn’t exist
and the real sun doesn’t touch.